Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Finishing the Oracle 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure setup

In the previous post, we discussed how to resolve installation issues for time synchronization (NTP) between our cluster nodes as well as how to configure shared disks for 11gR2 RAC by using iSCSI. This post concludes a summary of the steps with our 11gR2 Grid setup. We need to run two scripts, oraInstRoot.sh and root.sh on both cluster nodes.

Open a new terminal shell window on the first 11gR2 cluster node and as root user,
execute the script called orainstRoot.sh located under the /u01/app/oraInventory directory.

This script will set the correct permissions for the configuration.

Next as root user, execute the script called root.sh located under the
/u02/app/11.2.0/grid directory as shown below.

This will take some time to run and will startup the clusterware processes including
CRS and OHASD (Oracle HA service).

My advice is to allocate at least 2.5Gb of RAM memory per VM (Virtual Machine) cluster node if you are using virtualization to setup 11gR2 RAC. The big change with 11gR2 RAC is that consumes at least 10x more memory and is a memory pig so you need to account for this major change. This is big difference from 11gR1 which does consume as much memory.


Anonymous said...

This was helpful for one of my readers who had a permissions problem in the configuration. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Do you think one can get by allocating at least 1Gb of RAM memory per VM (Virtual Machine) cluster node?

Scott Sullivan

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Ive been looking for this info because I kept having a problem with the permissions and it was driving me nuts.
Jenny Ann
VP of Sales

skymaster said...

No, Oracle 11gR2 RAC consumes additional resources over 11gR1 RAC due to new memory processes. You will not be able to run on 1GB per VM cluster node. At the least, 2.5GB per VM cluster node is required and I recommend at least 3-4GB per node.

john said...

Thanks for this I searched everywhere trying to find this solution.