Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Webinar for Oracle R12 EBS Patching

Recently I gave a webinar for the LAOUC (Latin America and New Zealand/Australia Oracle User Community)on best practices for patching the Oracle R12 E-Business Suite environment.

Below is a link to the webinar for those of you who would like to better understand how patching works for Oracle R12 E-Business Suite environment.

Enjoy! Ben

Bug in Oracle 12.1.1 EBS Installer (RapidWiz)

While performing a fresh installation of the Oracle 12.1.1 E-Business Suite for the Linux platform, I discovered an interesting bug! The Rapid Wizard (rapidwiz) installer confuses the DBA by showing the incorrect version of the Oracle database software to be installed as part of the Oracle 12.1.1 EBS environment. Instead of showing the correct version for the Oracle 11gR1 database tier, it shows a 9i database!

I found this curious as I continued the installation for 12.1.1 EBS as it later on shows the correct database server version ( that will be installed for the database tier:

I wonder if Oracle EBS team has caught this bug or not? I will open a bug fix request to product development for the Oracle EBS team.