Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Undocumented Oracle Utilties OpenWorld

Encore Session for Ben Prusinski's Open World presentation

My session was a huge success yesterday with over 400 folks in attendance. For those who want to attend and were not able, I am doing an encore to share my expert Oracle DBA tips.

Back by popular demand after Monday's booked to capacity session, IT Convergence's Ben Prusinski will do an encore of session S301396: "Undocumented Oracle DBA Utilities: Black Magic for the Oracle Expert" this Wednesday at 11:30am at the Oracle OpenWorld Conference.

For the location please check the available online monitors for up to date information as room may change at last minute. Currently, the scheduled session will be hosted in Room 2002/04 in Moscone West.

Also, drop by the IT Convergence booth this week to view live demos for Oracle 10g RAC and ASM and to visit so we can share tech tips!