Friday, December 28, 2012

End of 2012

Year in review As we end 2012, in closing I have not posted much due to work and many activities wrapping up the year. My new Oracle R12 EBS book is available and ready for folks to learn the tips and tricks for Oracle R12 Financials from Oracle Press. Each year I pursue a new goal and try to master or improve a skill or ability. This keeps me sharp and motivated and happy. Last year, I learned to scuba dive. Right now, I am learning to fly! My goal by 2013 is to pass my checkride and obtain my private pilot license. I have always had a passion for aviation and aeronautics. I am doing this purely as a hobby and do not want to be a professional pilot. For one, the pay is quite low until one has a decade of experience and two, I like working in technology as a job better than to fly planes for a living. I also will be focused on bring new events to the NoCOUG Oracle User Group in the bay area and northern California for Oracle users who want to learn new developments in database technology from Oracle. Happy Holidays and best wishes to all for a safe, peaceful and prosperous 2013! Cheers, Ben

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