Thursday, March 29, 2012

Upgrading Oracle VM 3.0.3 to latest patchset

Recently I had to upgrade an older version of Oracle VM 3.0 to the latest patch version to resolve some bugs in the initial releases of OVM 3.0. Below are the steps that I followed to perform the upgrade.

1. Download the patchset from Oracle Support (
2. Unzip the patch to the OVM Manager /tmp directory
3. backup config files for OVM Manager:

. Back up/copy the Oracle VM Manager configuration file located at:
# /u01/app/oracle/ovm-manager-3/.config

4. Mount the ISO image for the upgrade:

# mount -o loop V29654-01.iso /mnt
# cd /mnt
# ls
components upgrade

Upgrade OVM 3.x to OVM 3.0.3:

# ./
Oracle VM Manager upgrade util

Oracle VM Manager is running ...

Verifying installation status ...
Read Oracle VM Manager config file ...
Skipping database upgrade for the same product version (3.0.3 to 3.0.3)
Found Oracle VM Manager install files ...
Found Oracle VM Manager upgrader ...
Found Oracle WebLogic Server ...
Found Java ...
Using the following information :
Database Host : localhost
Database SID : XE
Database LSNR : 1521
Oracle VM Schema : ovs
Oracle VM Manager UUID : 0004fb00000100004bd6b7c313170105
Current Build ID :
Using /tmp/workdir.hcUHL29831 for backup and export location.
Using /tmp/patchdir.Rvea29832 for patching.
Undeploying previous version of Oracle VM Manager application ...
Undeploying Oracle VM Manager help ...

Note: make sure that OVM Manager is up and running during the upgrade!

Once completed, the version should look like this:

In my next series of posts for OVM 3.0.3, I will discuss how to deploy Oracle 11gR2 RAC environment as well as use the new features for OVM 3.0.3 such as live migration and converting P2V- physical to virtual as well as managing an OVM 3.x environment.

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