Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oracle 11g Agent silent installation with OEM 11g Grid Control

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After setup of a new Oracle 11gR1 Grid control Enteprise manager (OEM) server, I had to deploy agents to monitor the Oracle environments. Unfortunately, the mass push automation process via OEM 11g Grid Control kept failing and numerous support calls to Oracle Support alas yielded no success. I was able to quickly automate the process via silent installation and deployment of Oracle 11g agents with Grid Control 11g. Below is the process of steps to setup the Oracle 11g agents for Oracle 11g Grid Control:

1) Download and unzip the agent 11g software to hosts monitored. In my case, I needed to configure agents for Oracle 11g RAC on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 platform.

cd /home/oracle

unzip Linux_x86_64_Grid_Control_agent_download_11_1_0_1_0.zip

Configure response file for silent agent installation

Before we can kickoff the silent install for the 11g agent, you need to edit the response file called additional_agent.rsp located under the $AGENT_HOME/response directory as shown in my example below:

cd /home/oracle/linux_x64/response

Edit the file with editor of your choice, in my case, I used vi editor on Linux.

Since we don't want updates and don't care about My Oracle support details, we will comment out the email address specifics.

$ vi additional_agent.rsp







Since we have an Oracle 11g RAC environment, we set the parameter in the response file for CLUSTER_NODES to the cluster RAC node names. If you do not have RAC, you can comment this parameter out. Make sure to set the correct hostname, OMS port number and agent registration password or your silent agent installation will fail.

Perform silent installation for Oracle 11g Agent with OEM Grid Control 11g

Navigate to the AGENT_HOME/agent directory

cd /home/oracle/linux_x64/agent

Execute the silent agent installer script with the correct options and parameters as shown in the below example:

./runInstaller -silent -responseFile /home/oracle/linux_x64/response/additional_agent.rsp \
-invPtrLoc /u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/dbhome_1/oraInst.loc

Note: you must grant the correct location for the Oracle Inventory file (oraInst.loc) or the silent installation will fail for the agent.

Once you silent installation has succeeded you should see the following status:

Running Configuration assistant "Agent Configuration Assistant"

Performing free port detection on host=rac1
Performing targets discovery and agent configuration

Securing the agent

Starting the agent

Configuration assistant "Agent Configuration Assistant" Succeeded

AgentPlugIn:agent configuration finished with status = true

Running Configuration assistant "Agent Add-on Plug-in"

Configuration assistant "Agent Add-on Plug-in" Succeeded

Finally, we verify that we can show all of the agents deployed for the Oracle 11g RAC environment

$ cd /home/oracle/agent11g/bin

$ ./emctl status agent
Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g Release 1 Grid Control
Copyright (c) 1996, 2010 Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.
Agent Version :
OMS Version :
Protocol Version :
Agent Home : /home/oracle/agent11g/rac1
Agent binaries : /home/oracle/agent11g
Agent Process ID : 13181
Parent Process ID : 13157
Agent URL : https://rac1:3872/emd/main
Repository URL : https://oem:4900/em/upload
Started at : 2011-09-20 20:28:06
Started by user : oracle
Last Reload : 2011-09-20 20:28:06
Last successful upload : 2011-09-20 20:38:49
Total Megabytes of XML files uploaded so far : 15.68
Number of XML files pending upload : 0
Size of XML files pending upload(MB) : 0.00
Available disk space on upload filesystem : 31.34%
Last successful heartbeat to OMS : 2011-09-20 20:39:10
Agent is Running and Ready

The beauty is when you specify the RAC cluster nodes in the first response file as we did above, is that all of the cluster nodes will have the silent install agent performed at same time!

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