Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Recent issue of blogs and copyright

Dear readers,

I recently had a major issue come to light when one of my co-authors for the newly released Oracle 11g Real Application Cluster Handbook with PACKT Press, Mr. Guenadi Jilevski, was taken to task for copyright infringement and plagiarism for Oracle content posted on his blog. This WRONG and against the law. Not only is plagiarism stealing, it is a violation of professional ethics. You cannot steal others work and call it your own original content! Furthermore, one must ALWAYS acknowledge and credit sources for published materials referenced as given by copyright laws and fair use laws unless it is one's original material.

Some background information on this matter came up when Jonathan Lewis approached me and Timur's blog discusses the matter here below:


Don Burleson also brought Jilevski's web content to my prompt attention:


Don Burleson then asked me if I was involved in the content posted on Jilevski's blog. My answer is this:

"No, I have no involvement whatsoever in the content posted by Guenadi Jilevski on his oracle blog. "

I just want to clear the air on this matter once and for all. US and international copyright law applies to both web and printed media as well as recorded media. You CANNOT take others content and cut and paste it to make it your own! This is stealing, plain and simple!

I have contacted Guenadi Jilevski to address this issue with all parties to make it correct if he has not credited sources of technical materials published. In addition, I have asked Jilveski to apologize for stealing others content. He needs to be taken to task for this behavior.

In summary, here is the fact about things with respect to writing and media usage of one's work and publications:

1) Please note that Copyright is NOT about copying without attribution, it is about NOT copying! That means, you cannot cut and paste others' diagrams, works and writings and claim it as your own work! You MUST use your own original work!


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Bob Rhubart said...

I'm all too frequently surprised to see content from a variety of sources cut/pasted into blogs with no attribution. In some cases the offending blogger is simply unaware that doing so is both illegal and unethical, and completely oblivious to the proper methods for quoting and/or referencing published material.

Anybody can have a blog, but not everybody should have one.