Monday, September 7, 2009

Fun and Games with OEL 5 Linux missing packages

Dear readers,

Recently as of yesterday I decided to do a new R12 EBS install this time with a Vision Demo instance to have a new EBS environment with fresh seed data to test our new features and for GRC (Govern Risk Control). I ran up2date oracle-validated to install the missing rpms and most of the R12 install went fine and took 9 hours!

However, after the install, I noticed that the listener and install did not succeed and found root cause was that some of the OEL Linux rpms failed to all download and install earlier. As shown below this is caused by kernel dependency problems:

Unfortunately in my enthusiasm and also due to the wee hours to get R12 setup, I did not realize my oversight. Then when R12 failed to start with listener errors and library missing errors and after search on Metalink, it dawned on me the issue was indeed these missing Redhat 5 packages. Oracle Enterprise Linux really is just Red Hat Linux kernel.

To resolve problems with the RPMs that failed to download and install correctly from the Oracle Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN), I had to run the up2date-nox --configure command and choose option 19 to bypass the kernel dependency warning.

We need to clear these warning messages out so that we can re-run up2date and download and install the missing Linux rpms.

And voila! Just like magic, we were able to download these key packages for Linux
so we can complete the R12 EBS installation.

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