Friday, June 12, 2009

New Books on SOA and Oracle technology from PACKT Press

As I am writing a new book for Oracle 11g RAC, my new publisher asked me to review new Oracle books on SOA technology. Below are exciting new titles from PACKT Press.

SOA Developer Suite Guide

The SOA Developer Suite Guide provides a comprehensive introduction to deploying robust SOA architectures with the Oracle SOA Suite and BPEL language. Since many clients use or plan to deploy SOA, I find this useful as a DBA and Oracle consultant to quickly learn how to architect elegant solutions with SOA and Oracle technology.

SOA Cookbook

I like this book as I am new to many of the SOA developer tools from Oracle including the BPEL language. This guide is excellent primer for learning how to implement and deploy SOA with Oracle! The hands on approach is excellent for Oracle developers who need to ramp up quickly with creating new SOA architectures.

BPEL Cookbook

Next we have a cookbook for SOA technology with Oracle. The book BPEL Cookbook is great for learning techniques to develop robust BPEL programs for SOA implementations with Oracle.

Open LDAP Developer Guide

LDAP is a network methodology for deploying elegant network solutions with many Oracle Fusion Middleware products
This guide provides a nice solid foundation for Oracle identity management and security professionals who need to understand LDAP concepts for deployments.

Finally, I am reviewing a book on Oracle Hyperion Essbase which is complex OLAP business intelligence technology in use by many large companies these days that deploy E-Business and data warehouse environments.

Oracle Hyperion Essbase 9 Implementation Guide

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