Thursday, April 16, 2009

CLOUG Conference in Chile- Part One

Greetings fellow readers,

We had the first ever major Oracle conference in Chile with CLOUG this year and I was fortunate to present along with many fellow Oracle ACEs and Oracle ACE Directors including Tim Hall, Robert Freeman, Daniel Morgan and Hans Forbrich just to name a few. Overall, I believe it was a success. Since pictures are worth a thousand words, I believe the following showcase the energy and amazing technical sessions hosted for CLOUG this year in Santiago, Chile.

First we had a keynote speech by Odair Aguiar, Senior Director for the Latin American Oracle market present a strategy briefing for Oracle product direction with respect to the Latin American market:

Next up was Francisco Munoz Alvarez to introduce the event and other speakers. I personally want to thank Francisco for all of the massive amounts of behind the scenes work that he put into making CLOUG a success. He is a wonderful guy as well and my heartfelt thanks as I was able to present in both Spanish and English and share my tips on Oracle with fellow Oracle professionals in Chile and other parts of Latin America. Muchas gracias!

Oracle ACE Director Tim Hall delivered the keynote Oracle technical presentation of the morning on 11g New Features for PL/SQL developers.

I enjoyed all of the presentations and learned a lot on how to polish my own speaking and presenting sessions by watching other speakers.

Daniel Morgan of Morgan's library Oracle knowledge power fame provided insight into using Oracle 11g features via Oracle Gems session which I enjoyed quite a bit as well.

Daniel is a fountain of knowledge on Oracle and I had the pleasure to meet him at CLOUG in Chile and share many good chats on database technology and life.

Robert Freeman gave an excellent session that I attended the first day on Oracle RMAN:

Another Oracle ACE director, Hans Forbrich, delivered a solid technical session on Oracle VM which I found quite interesting as well.

Unfortunately, since I had Montezuma's revenge on day 2, I missed some sessions due to need for medicine. Fortunately, I was able to attend the dinner party later that evening.

I presented on Oracle 11g RAC Troubleshooting and Oracle 11g Undocumented Secrets. Since there were only a few translators, I gave my Oracle 11g RAC presentation in Spanish and hope that folks understood my on the fly translation of the materials into Spanish from English. My goal is to deliver all future Oracle presentations in Spanish for Latin American conferences so that material flows and Spanish speakers have the presentations in Spanish format for later review and reference.

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mbatec said...

Dear Ben,

Was a honor meet you in CLOUG 2009, you are a very nice guy with a lot of energy an a excellent potential to become a fantastic speaker. I hope to see you again at CLOUG 2009, the second part is always better ;)

Kind Regards and hope to see you soon (NZ or Australia?),

Francisco Munoz Alvarez