Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A new chapter

Yesterday afternoon, I was let go from my job. Fortunately, it gives me desire now to build my own successful consulting firm. I have launched a new business and technical site to complement blogs on database technology called Ben Prusinski and Associates.

Please visit us for the best onsite and remote Oracle services possible for your budget as well as future white papers and tips on database technology.

Ben Prusinski and Associates
We are an Oracle practice with a focus on customer quality service and affordable solutions compared to larger firms.

I am also adding a second blog to host additional tips and tricks as the business site as I will have more space and room to add more detailed posts than in the past. Next month I will be presenting on more black magic for Oracle 11g at the Oracle conference in Santiago, Chile in April for CLOUG

They say that in every cloud is a silver lining. As a new Oracle ACE, I look forward to making even bigger contributions to the Oracle community this year and into the future!


HunterX said...

Oracle ACE! that's my interesting too. why I interest? not sure!

Actually I have no idea to get it. Perhaps I have to change my life ... my job, my style anyway. just kidding!

By the way, I still happy to make community, blogs... ;)

I hope i'll have opportunity to make more activity.
And get ACE


Asif Momen said...


Wishing you all the very best in your new endeavor

Ben Prusinski said...


Actually, if you want to become an Oracle ACE, I encourage you to blog on Oracle to help fellow professionals, present at conferences to share knowledge, and help out folks on forums such as OTN. I wrote 2 books on Oracle and spoke at conferences before I became an Oracle ACE. Now I have passion to double my efforts.


Ben Prusinski said...


Thanks! Even with tough economy, people and companies need our expertise more than ever to keep their mission critical database systems up and running.