Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Happy DBA birthday to a DBA!

Well its a new day new year and my 36th birthday! So guess I will have to do something special to celebrate.

It is a bummer that I have to work today but heck should be fun- we have disaster recovery testing this week for Oracle and SQL Server environments and it will be fun to refresh my DR and Backup/Recovery knowledge and find clever ways to enlighten the team on the process. I would like to find a way to convince the management team to implement a hot standby site for Oracle and SQL Server with Data Guard and to design the process. Would help me sleep better at night as a DBA.

On a side note: communication is the sticky point in human relationships- often in written, verbal and nonverbal communications the misunderstandings create conflict among human beings. I strive to be the ultimate communicator and build the trust and human relationships that foster good energy and harmony.

Case in point- recently I had a discussion with a fellow Oracle professional and did my best to reassure him that I meant no ill will. As he is a consumate Oracle guru I let him know that my intent is sincere and pure. It really is like that old Genesis song when Phil Collins sang about "Misunderstanding"

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